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Deron Wagner is the Founder and Head Trader of both Morpheus Capital LP, a U.S. hedge fund, and Morpheus Trading Group, a trader education firm launched in 2001 that provides daily technical analysis of the leading ETFs and stocks. Mr. Wagner teaches his trading methodology to nearly 3,000 subscribers of his free weekly newsletter, The Wagner Weekly, and is also well-known in the trading community for his subscription-based newsletter, The Wagner Daily, which provides daily technical analysis of ETFs and educational broad market commentary. In addition to publishing his daily commentary and analysis through Morpheus Trading Group, his work appears daily on several popular financial web sites.

Mr. Wagner also appears on his best-selling video, Sector Trading Strategies (Marketplace Books, June 2002), and is co-author of both The Long-Term Day Trader (Career Press, April 2000) and The After-Hours Trader (McGraw Hill, August 2000). He is also a regular contributor to Stock Futures and Options magazine, and has also written for Active Trader magazine. Past television appearances include CNBC, ABC, and Yahoo! FinanceVision. He is a frequent guest speaker at various trading and financial conferences around the world and can be reached by sending an e-mail to or by visiting

Articles by this Author
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» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 25
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/25/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

Russia ETF (RSX) may be in big trouble if it can't hold on to a critical support level at $23 on the monthly chart.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 22
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/22/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 continue to hold up despite being overbought in the short term.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 21
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/21/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

The Nasdaq Composite stalled above the prior day's high and basically closed flat on the day, while the S&P 500 closed just below the highs of the range.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 20
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/20/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

Deron Wagner is watching the PowerShares India ETF (PIN).

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 19
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/19/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

The small-cap Russell 2000 Index, which has lagged the other major averages for several weeks, is finally beginning to build momentum on the daily chart.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 15
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/15/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

After an ugly selloff in January, retail ETFs XRT and RTH have spent the past the past seven months in base-building mode and have tightened considerably as of late.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 14
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/14/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

Why is Deron Wagner watching the iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF (FM)?

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 13
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/13/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

Biotech ETF (FBT) has formed a tight consolidation above the rising 50-day moving average the past six weeks.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 12
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/12/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

The Dow Jones Internet Index (FDN) was hit hard earlier this year, but has since rallied about 16 percent off the lows and formed a tight-ranged consolidation above the rising 10 and 40-week moving averages.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For August 11
By Deron Wagner | Published 08/11/2014 | Stocks | Unrated

Silver Miners ETF (SIL) has settled into a tight trading range on declining volume over the past four weeks.

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