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By Breakout Trader | Published 01/20/2017 | Stocks | Unrated

Read the entire list of stocks that have setup a breakout off a narrow-range bar consolidation.

» Big Cap Stock Setups For January 23
By Dave Mecklenburg | Published 01/20/2017 | Stocks | Unrated

Which big cap S&P 500 stocks are setup? Read the entire list.

» Big Momentum Moves For January 23
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Which stocks are poised for continuation moves in the direction of their momentum? Read the whole list.

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By Stock Scalper | Published 01/20/2017 | Stocks | Unrated

Which stocks are most correlated to the S&P 500? Click for the whole list.

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By Mean Reversion Trader | Published 01/20/2017 | Stocks | Unrated

Find out which overbought and oversold stocks are poised for pullbacks to their mean.

» Leading Big Candles For January 23
By Candlestick Trader | Published 01/20/2017 | Stocks | Unrated

Which stocks have formed bullish and bearish big candles for potential momentum moves?

» The McMillan Options Strategist Weekly
By Lawrence G. McMillan | Published 01/20/2017 | Options | Unrated

Lawrence G. McMillan reviews the options market in his weekly column for January 20.

» Dave Landry's Market In A Minute For January 20
By Dave Landry | Published 01/20/2017 | Stocks | Unrated

Dave Landry takes a one-minute look at the stock market in his video for January 20.

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