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Bill Bonner is the Founder and President of Agora Publishing, one of the world's most successful consumer newsletter publishing companies, and the author of The Daily Reckoning. Bill Bonner is also a frequent contributor to Strategic Investment. Bill Bonner is the author, with Addison Wiggin, of the New York Times business best-seller Financial Reckoning Day: Survivng The Soft Depression of The 21st Century.

Articles by this Author
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» Buying Gold In Uncertain Times
By Bill Bonner | Published 02/3/2012 | Stocks | Unrated

And how come house prices fell over the last year and the last month? And how come incomes are falling?

» Investment Alternatives In A No-Growth Market
By Bill Bonner | Published 02/2/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

The stock market is booming. Is this the start of something big?

» Creating More Debt To Solve The Crisis
By Bill Bonner | Published 02/1/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

There is no sign of the Great Correction reaching its conclusion anytime soon.

» Persistent Questions About The Future Of The US Economy
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/31/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

Can any government in the developed world survive? Will there be enough growth to keep them from going broke?

» Why Economic Growth Will Continue To Disappoint In 2012
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/30/2012 | Stocks , Options , Futures , Currency | Unrated

The US economy has come back to output levels of '07. But this feeble rebound not only holds the title of "weakest post-war recovery ever," it also shows that something else is going on.

» Unattainable Government Goals
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/27/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

Once you've taken interest rates down to zero, and announced that you'll leave them there for the next three years, what more can you do?

» Obama's Fairness Doctrine
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/26/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

Capitalism is what you get when you don’t have master designers on the job. It's what happens when the feds leave it alone.

» Demand Fears In A Consumer-Based Economy
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/25/2012 | Stocks , Options , Futures , Currency | Unrated

Why not be satisfied with the demand as it is? Why not accept the decisions of willing and able consumers as to how much stuff they need and how much they can afford to buy? Why is it important that they buy more than they need with more than they have?

» A Strange Appetite For US Debt
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/23/2012 | Stocks , Options , Futures , Currency | Unrated

With government debt-to-GDP at 100 percent and rising, and the shift to short-term financing over the last few years, the feds are extremely vulnerable to an increase in interest rates.

» A Real Stress Test
By Bill Bonner | Published 01/20/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

Could any major bank or developed nation survive?

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