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» A Graphic Presentation
By John Mauldin | Published 05/6/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

The US employment numbers came out this morning, and they were disappointing. But disappointing does not begin to describe the situation in Europe.

» Does Sell In May, Go Away Apply To Euro?
By Kathy Lien | Published 05/1/2012 | Currency | Unrated

There is a very old saying in the stock market that goes "Sell in May, and Go Away." This pertains to the notion that investors should cash in on their investments this month and take the summer off because June, July, August and September have traditionally been some of the worst months in the equity market.

» A Gold Standard?
By John Mauldin | Published 04/30/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

Given the chaos and insistent inflation over time that the Federal Reserve and fiat currency have produced, it is hard to argue that the current system is one that should be encouraged.

» The Market Isn't Stupid
By Boris Schlossberg | Published 04/30/2012 | Stocks , Options , Futures , Currency | Unrated

Traders that can contain their losses and keep their capital intact will no doubt be rewarded when the next big move comes along.

» A Little Bull's Eye Investing
By John Mauldin | Published 04/23/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

In secular bull markets, an investor should search for assets that offer relative returns -- stocks and funds that will perform better than the market averages.

» The War For Spain
By John Mauldin | Published 04/15/2012 | Currency , Futures , Options , Stocks | Unrated

We simply must pay attention to what Spain has done this week.  What we will find may be considered a tipping point when the crisis is analyzed by some future historian.

» The Wagner Daily ETF Report For April 10
By Deron Wagner | Published 04/10/2012 | Currency | Unrated

Although Deron Wagner is not yet primarily bearish on the market, his market timing model has flashed a sell signal.

» Don't Trade Like Tony Montana
By Boris Schlossberg | Published 04/9/2012 | Currency | Unrated

Very often we trade not to win, but satisfy our ego.

» Good Habits Lead To Great Trading
By Boris Schlossberg | Published 04/2/2012 | Currency | Unrated

For traders, good habits are the key difference between profit and loss.

» All Spain All The Time
By John Mauldin | Published 04/2/2012 | Stocks , Options , Futures , Currency | Unrated

Since Spain is going to be on the front page for some time, it will be useful to look at some of the problems it is facing, to put it all into context. And what John Mauldin heard while in Europe in private meetings is troubling.

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