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Depressed S&P Stocks For The Month Of July 2017
By Dog Investor | Published  06/30/2017 | Stocks | Unrated
Depressed S&P Stocks For The Month Of July 2017

Large, mature companies with lagging stock prices often see prices that outperform the overall index over three-month and one-year periods. This strategy is usually implemented as a basket trade of the weak stocks to lower risk. The following are the weakest components of the S&P 100 index.

F Ford Motor
T AT&T Inc
VZ Verizon Communications
OXY Occidental Petro
SO Southern Co Inc
TGT Target Corp
GM General Motors Co
SPG Simon Ppty Grp
CVX Chevron Corporation
QCOM Qualcomm Inc
DUK Duke Energy Corporation
IBM Intl Business Machines Corp
XOM Exxon Mobil
PFE Pfizer Inc
CSCO Cisco Systems
EXC Exelon Corp
PM Philip Morris Intl Inc
GE General Electric Co
ABBV AbbVie Inc
KO Coca-Cola Co

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